Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rest Days

Today and tomorrow are rest days in preparation for Saturdays 400K adventure. In addition, I began increasing complex carb intake in an attempt to build up glycogen stores. I still have some pain in the knee but I will go anyway and see how far I can go.

I completed a weight workout at the gym this morning because I was there supervising troops. The "light" workout was kicking my butt. I couldn't figure out why. It was designed to get the blood flowing a little. Then during the one arm barbell presses, I remembered I gave blood yesterday. They say you should wait 24 hrs before training. OOPS.

Well, I stopped the workout at that point and went to breakfast at the wonderful galley. The galley is a cafeteria on the base. Note the Naval terminology. This particular galley is supposed to be good. After all, it recently won a prestigious award. You have got to be kidding me! Let me tell you something about this place. The food is disgusting. The help is complacent and lackadaisical. I wouldn't hire any of them for any task.

With that said, the cost is only $2.00, my belly was full and I can assure you that in my mere 17 years as a Marine, I have certainly eaten much worse chow. You should also know that this is Marine fashion to vent even when things are adequate. Some may even argue it shows some motivation. OOHRAH!


Renegade Manmaker: Renegade row #55 + ankle to bar
1arm BB Press: 45x5, 55x3

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Dan said...

What was it that Pavel reflected on at one of his RKC events? Something along the lines of Marines continually doing and coming back because it is what they are trained to do even when everyone else is exhausted or down and out? It is in a Marine's nature to do so - it doesn't matter if someone counts them down and out. They do it because they train themselves to and because they can; even after donating a pint of blood for the Party.

Well, this may be seen as ordinary by some people. Good thing, too. And it should be when one is a Marine. But, it may often be overlooked by others. Don't be one of them.

Bad day at work? Too tired or lazy? Hey! No more excuses. Get off the couch and be a part of it before it leaves you behind. Be the one that keeps coming back even when others, including yourself, think you cannot or will not. Be an example by doing it - slowly and deliberately at first - and go from there. You just got a day off for donating the gift of life. Good to go.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Comrade Orr won't steer you wrong.