Monday, May 14, 2007

Complacency: kicking it up to the next notch

Actually today's festivities brought me a new twist. I did my first 2 swing sets with the 32K and one arm. Using this weight is not unusual but doing it with one arm instead of 2 is new. I have to say it this was a difficult workout. Very challenging. Switching to swings with one arm is a different concept. It requires more hip power production to get the kettlebell going. It also requires the core to work overtime to keep the shoulders aligned with the hips.

After some thought, I've decided to continue to work the 1 arm swing with his weight. I believe this exercise done this way will bring my coordination, endurance and strength to a new level.
Strength and confidence in this lift will enhance requisite skills needed for snatches at this weight. It is hard to believe I didn't begin doing this earlier in the year. Of course, I may not have been ready at the time. So here I am; once again starting a new challenge. Along with this comes pain...well character building.

I said last week I would discuss perseverance. Here it is, I will need perseverance to complete all impending workouts resulting from today's experiment. Overcoming the want to stop after 6 repetitions and later 15 repetitions etc., is exactly what the doctor orders. Today after the first set, I had that not so fresh feeling in the lungs and belly. Good thing I didn't cheat on my diet today; the consequences could have been catastrophic and messy.

It is amazing how many people defeat themselves before they even attempt challenge. Take a minute and think of how many people you know that say, "some day I'm going to...(fill in the blank)." Now use your brain housing group one more time. How many of those people did what they set out to do? How many of them even got off the couch?

I have never been one to say I would do something and not attempt or complete. I can reflect on some challenging milestones. Here are some things I have attempted and completed. I can assure you that none of them were a walk in the park. In fact it took some character to even begin to attempt little lone complete. Earn title U. S. Marine. Ride 100 miles then 200 miles. Complete bachelors degree. Change lifestyle from destructive to healthy (working on indestructible). Earn RKC certification. I can continue providing more examples from my own life but, I think you get the point.

Anyone can do any of these things, I am not special. In fact I have seen hundreds of people achieve all of these things with less physical and mental ability. What they all have is what is called "stick-to-it-tive-ness." Are you ready to step up to the plate? Get off the couch and let's go!

Pullup - 24K 6x4 (lost count of sets, 6th set was very difficult) + Handstand
On the second and third sets, I did 3 handstand push ups.
Clean & Press - 5x5
Swing 32K 1 arm:2x10/10; 2 arm: 3x20

Evil Wheel 2x1o (on knees)

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Dan said...

It is past time to order that 32kg...

Think about it; sure. Act upon it; you must. Get off the couch and challenge yourself! It should be an important part of your way of life.

You will see results. You will enjoy the pain Comrade.

Start to become indestructible because you can.