Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pull ups

Just because I said I would do a workout in yesterdays post doesn't mean I have to do it. Ok, perhaps it is my own way of having peer pressure. Good thing the guys I train with don't always read this regularly. If they do, one of two things will happen. First, they will avoid me and hide from their fear. Second, they will seek me and ensure I am the workout. Actually, the latter always happens. The more challenging the workout appears to be, the greater the number of comrades come out of the woodwork. Go figure. So, every bright idea I share often becomes an awful reality really quick. On a positive note, we all get stronger, improve our stamina, improve T production, removing any estorgen and feel invigorated each time! Tim the Tool Man Taylor would grunt here.
Today I did exactly what I said I would do with the pullups. It worked exactly like I planned. Pullups with the added weight seemed to be no problem. I will increase the reps to 4 tomorrow. We will see how this works out. The handstands between each set provided a fantastic stretch of the forearms. I like it a lot.

pull up: 24K: 5x3 + handstand
Clean and press 24Kx2: 5x5 - too easy; Need to increase weight.
Swing: 40K: 5x15 - Thanks Don for bringing the Bulldog!

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