Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday Workout - blah blah blog

Nothing out of the ordinary today. I am nursing some knee pain. Ice ice and more ice. Knee wasn't bothering me so I rode this am. Then the pain began with a few miles to go. I iced, did my afternoon workout. I skipped swings today. SHHHHH, don't tell anyone. I still say it is the best exercise in the repertoire. Knee didn't bother me during the workout so, I peddled home in the wind. Not the brightest decision but, you only live once. If not, I would have wondered all day if I was selling myself short. There was pain. I have ice on right now. Oh, don't get it confused with ice cream. Don't have any in the house. I ate it ALL!

am: ride 20

pullup 24K 5x4 + handstand; BW 1x10 (bw set was way easy)
hanging leg raises, ankles to bar 5x5
L-sit Pullup 2x4 (just to see if I could, tough and different)

Ride: 15

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Dan said...

After a couple of workouts doing handstands after your pulls, you will wonder why you weren't doing them before. Try this balancing act for strength and balance. You will be happy you did (and not just because of the headrush, Comrade).

The Party is never wrong. Enjoy the pain.