Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lethargy - Courage Corner

Lethargy: 1. Abnormal drowsiness, stupor. 2. A state of indifference.

This afternoon was one of those days I really didn't want to do anything. Normally, I get a cup of coffee and the caffeine does the trick. Voila, workout! Not the case today. I felt rather content watching the paint fall off the wall at workout time (1430). I decided I had to do something even if it was quick and simple. Consistency is the most important part of strength training or musical training. HMMM, any training. Getting off me bum, I headed with a kettlebell to the rusty pull up bars. Mission accomplished, short, intense workout.

Let's look at my version of courage corner. First there is a piece of grass, slowly dying and needing help. Too much kettlebells on this chunk of lawn. I typically work in this spot out of convenience. In other words, I don't have to lug kettlebells too far.
The other workout area is a set of rusty pull up bars. The bars are considerably wider than a standard pull up bar. I think it is good grip training. There is also a concrete object about 18" high that is perfect for plyometrics and a shed in the grass perfect for practicing handstands. GOOD TRAINING OCCURS. The bars are located in front of an Army office. I would think a couple Marines doing pt in this spot every day, consistently would be a little peer pressure. Well, it is my courage corner for a reason. I usually get strange looks from the base police and the Army "strong" warriors. I guess donuts, Twinkee etc are more the norm in those offices! Really, I do invite them to join on a daily basis. The result, I get leaner and stronger and they get bigger in all the wrong areas. They get...um...bigger...around. Perhaps sitting on your bum all day isn't the most healthy lifestyle, even with consistent morning group PT. Folks...it doesn't work.

Courage corner is the area in Russian gymnasiums where the rusty kettlebells are kept. Only the brave enter these areas. Those that do get results. Strong, lean, improved flexibility etc.

Let me give you a secret, taking care of yourself is hard.
You will sweat.
Your heart will beat hard.
You will have to push through pain.
You will be rewarded.
On the contrary, sitting on the couch will guarentee chronic pain, lethargy, high blood pressure, obiseity and other chronic health problems.

Semper Fi!

BW pullup x 5 + Clean and Press 24K x5/5 + handstand - 6 rounds no rest

By the way, I don't feel lethargic any more. The workout cured my problem! You should get off the couch and do the same. You won't be sorry.

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