Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thrashing

We prepared for the long weekend by doing a little workout, it was rather intense and fun. Great participation, we had 6 people come on for the fun. Lots of kettlebells laying on the lawn!

Workout: (20 min. many rounds as possible)
pullup x 5 + jerks x 5 + box jumps x 20 -
I managed 7 rounds. Don kicked it with 8, I was lapped! We had a few 6s and some less. I did the first set of jerks with 32s, that pretty much started me off on the wrong foot. The 24s were manageable for the most part. It was about 50/50, experienced lifters used the 24s and the more novice lifters used 16k. All did a great job.

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