Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tracking Santa

It is 1447 and according to NORAD, Santa is delivering stuff in UAE. W Only time will tell. NORAD sponsors the website and it fun.

Speaking of traveling around the world, this is exactly what I did with my kettlebell swings this afternoon. I did several combinations with different size bells. Really freeked out the CNS and it is a great way to work the core. Wow, yesterday's fun snuck up in the middle of todays.

Jog 1/2 mi. w/ ruck
Swing 16K x 100,
Goblet squat: 32k - 5x5
Clean and Jerk 32k - 5 x 5l,5r no rest
Swings - (I'll call this around the world);
16k 20/20,
24k 20/20
32k 20/20
16k + 24k 10/10,
24k + 32K 10/10
32k x 20
24k x 20
16k x 20
Concentrate on overspeed eccentric movement on last 3 sets. I was flying when I hit the 16k
Jog 1/2 mi w/ruck

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