Monday, December 8, 2008

Combat Fitness?

My question is this -- For a combat athlete (Marine, soldier, sailor, LEO etc.) shouldn't all training be preparation for combat in one form or another?

Just checking! I think so -- absolutely. It can be GPP but it also calls for GPP kicked up a couple notches.

We have designated Monday for combat fitness preparation training. Often, we training specific to our test but, it is good preparation none the less. Today's exercises provided a good assessment of my fitness.

First, I must say that the events provide the feeling in my gut that I thought they would when put together. YUCK. Second, going anaerobic over and over pretty much sucks. Third, I'm pretty fit but I should change my training a little to improve weakness. Specifically, going hard while anaerobic.

Bent Press 32k 1x5/5
Pistol: 5 x 1 each leg
Clean and press 24k 5 x 5
Swing - 5x20

20 min rest

Sprint 200m, jog 200m
Press #30 for 2 min. (91 reps) -- I can hit 100 - 110+ easily, I rested and yelled at others.
MANUF practice. (crawling sucks!!!!!)
Run 400m

Swing: 100
Clean and Press - 5x5

JM --ankles, knees, hips shoulders wrists, elbows (Egyptian) neck.
Some other misc. lifting - worked with TSL. on ETK basics.
This was very fun, Thanks for driving down Sir!


t said...

that was a good time. I appreciate your time and patience. I have done the wu exercises like you prescribed on Sat. I ran today--no knee pain, shin pain or back pain. very interesting. I sent an email to TM in Japan--had great things to say about you. I may use him in the coming months. I will update your instructor page.
SF, tsl

Bob O. said...

Thank you. It was fun.

I didn't put 2+2 together but I do think it is a good idea to see TM while you are out there. Review Reinforce and get slightly different point of view!