Thursday, December 4, 2008

On the trainer

I finally hopped on the bike. My plan was to hit a quick session then head out for some kettlebell work, followed by working with some people. Things change and I changed my plan. Instead of short intervals I opted for longer intervals and a longer ride.

I was playing with my HRM while on the bike. I am curious to see where my RPE is compared to the actual work I'm doing. It is a little skewed at the moment. I will make adjustments.

The intervals I chose for the ride are 4 min. on and 4 min. off. I repeated 4 times. HR on rest got down to 120. During the intervals I maintained around 172 but popped up to 179 for a while during the 3rd interval. I was able to sustain this pace for the full time.

The issue is with the calculated MHR, this puts me at or above 90%. That is probably not such a good thing. So I have will change it up a little.

ZNWU slow.
Ride: 10 min warm up.
interval 4 x 4 on/4 off.

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