Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recovery Day...Sorta

Fatigue was prevalent throughout the day. I decided to skip my AM ride and take it easy. Suprisingly, I had less of the usuaul muscular pain than I normally have after a run! The pain kept moving from place to place in my body. Eventually, I was teased by mild back pain for a while.

Today's cure: About 45 minutes before PT, I started with the ZNWU, moved on to rifga. I felt fantastic after this combination. I worked some swings and presses then off to an easy day of pt.

Before my Tuesday evening kettlebell class (1830 every Tuesday at my garage let me know if you are interested), I did some kettlebell practice lots of TGU, Bent Press and Swings.

Class tonight was fun. We started with joint mobility, covered basic techniques for swing, clean and press and squat. Then the fun really started.

Class workout:
  • Clean, squat press ladders - 4 rung
  • 1 arm swing 5,10,15 l/r
  • windmill lrlr
  • 2 arm swing (bigger kettlebell) - 30,20,15
My practice today:
  • ZNWU
  • rifga
  • clean and press24k: 2,4,6 x 5
  • MCMAP (martial arts)
  • TGU 16k 5x5/5
  • Bent Press: 32k 5 x 2/2
  • upside down windmill with #5 ball (this is medicine for the shoulders - feels good!)
  • Swings - 32k 2 arm - 3x20, 1 arm 2x10/10
  • I'm getting some excellent cross training.
  • Maybe I should ride a bike one of these days!?!
  • Class was a blast - thanks for coming out guys - don't forget to practice your swings!
  • Swings rock.
  • Did the fitness test on my new HRM. According to the device, I am in elite condition. Who woulda thunk that? Heck, I'm actually a little deconditioned compared to 3 - 4 weeks ago. This makes me chuckle. I wonder what it tells LA? He's now riding the TDF. He looks freakishly strong and lean for someone that took 3 years away from the sport. (stay tuned for more on the LA workout!)

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