Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Martial Culture

I came to a realization earlier today that my outlook on training has been wrong for the past few years even though I have made fantastic strength and endurance gains. I have been a little skewed in both my actual training approach and the way I’ve trained some clients. I’ve also figured out why I feel repulsed by other service members and people faking the funk in the gym.

I’ve overlooked the aspect of martial culture. Cultures like the Spartans, Zulus and Aztecs were martial cultures. The cultures exclusively existed to produce warriors to defend or acquire new land. Everything about their existence was present in a warrior ethos. Similarly, the Marine Corps physically and mentally transforms citizens into a martial culture.

It may be difficult to understand or embrace and I don’t expect you will. You can read books, watch movies like the 300, train like a warrior and study martial arts and you will not be part of the martial culture. You will not live, eat and breathe it; it will never truly be your way of life.

So, I will train myself slightly differently. I will still have some goals and expectations but not like in the past. In the Marine Corps there is a standard and we adhere to it. No questions. In fact, adhering most often means searching for perfection within the standard. The minimum is unacceptable.

In the RKC system there are new standards for the level I and II certification. As a professional, I am adapting and evolving my training to comply with the party’s instruction. As a Marine, I do the same. The Marine Corps has added the combat fitness test, not a problem, I own it.

As a few clients have found in the past few weeks, I will smile and nod at excuses only a few times and provide some encouragement. Eventually, I can quickly become curt; and treat you like a young Marine. I WILL get your attention, make corrections and move on. I don’t have patients or for clients that don’t do their homework and refuse to hear what I say. Why pay someone to ignore them?

So you can expect great instruction and a great training. I will ensure you get the same TLC that the warriors receive at my day job!

Here is the caveat; I am now only accepting clients that are serious about training and learning.

Practice Today:
-- Taking it easy today. Very tired.

Practice Yesterday:
Clean and Press 16k 5x5
Windmill: 5x5
Clean and Jerk 32K x 5 min.
Wheel roll outs x 5

Card tear: 4 x 30 cards

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