Monday, December 15, 2008

Whew! I'm ready for R&R

This time of year is tough to get anything done at work. It is also tough to train. I have been getting off the couch and managing to squeezing in the workouts errrrr; practice. I must say that practice is the easiest thing to do right now and it is better than nothing. With enough practice strength comes.

Pull up 3 x 10
Swing: 16k x 100, 24k x 100, 32k x 50
Clean and Press 24k 7 x 5
Front squat: 32k 5x5

Bike: 30 min trainer
Card tearing 4 x 35 cards - ouch time to back er back down.

Pull up 1 x 12
Jerks: 32k - 5 min. (1arm)

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