Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunday's Incident

On the way back from North Carolina on Sunday, there was a strange sequence of events.

The front bicycle wheel flew from its perch on the roof rack. It bounced on the interstate and into the center median. It missed the three cars following. It was a few miles before we were able to think about stopping because of heavy traffic. We decided to go back around to find the wheel. The next exit that enabling us to return south was about 10 miles up the road. We took the exit and headed south back about 15 miles. Eventually we headed north again. Hopes of finding the wheel in one piece or finding it at all were very low at this point. Because the traffic was heavy, we could not travel slowly to look for the wheel. Finally we spotted the wheel and it took about a mile to change lanes and stop.

I dawned my yellow rain poncho and began the trek back down the interstate getting sprayed by every passing vehicle. Needless to say, between the spray from the road, the wet grass and the falling rain, I soaked quickly. I spotted the wheel on the other side of the road and waited for traffic to pass. After crossing the road, grabbing the wheel I began to return back to the truck. I inspected the wheel as I stuck it in the cargo area. The only visible blemishes are a few scratches.

Relieved to find the wheel we continued to head home. Fifteen minutes up the road, the traffic was at a stand still. A tractor trailer and 3 other cars had collided on the interstate.

The question?
Had the wheel remained on the car would we have been involved in the accident? Hard to say but anything is possible.


Dan said...

I think its a good thing that not only did the wheel come off your vehicle but that you decided to go back to retrieve it.

BobO said...

Yea good thing I didn't quite get it secured tightly...