Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I got back off the couch today.

After 3 days rest, it was time to get back off the couch. That is exactly what I did. After taking the days off, I decided to hit my workouts with some intensity. Because I am in the middle of the "season," I felt there is no sense in easing into heavier kettbells. Besides I am fully recovered from the weekends activity. Right? I didn't do my normal pull up numbers today. Unlike presses and swings, the pull up is unforgiving of any extended lay off. I kept with my usual minimum volume and will build up over the next few weeks.
  • Ride 20mi. Slow speed as the winds were above 20 with gusts. Just getting the legs spinning today.
  • JM
  • Pullups 6x5 (felt easy but also felt like I took 7 days off! Oh yea, I did.)
  • Clean & Press 32K 5 x 2 rung ladders
  • Swing 32k 5x10 - too easy but feels great.
Today was definitely in accordance with Rom. 12:1 - A living sacrifice.

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