Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Pre-Turkey Workout

The pre-turkey workout is what I would like to think of as a preemptive strike against the garbage I may or may not consume later today. The goal, simply elevate the metabolism. Stoke the coals.

I did KJ's VO2 max protocol with the 36/36 times as prescribed. This is an entirely different animal than the 15/15. The latter enables you to breeze through reps at a blazing speed. Not a problem until the last couple sets. On the other hand, the 36/36 seems to use the energy system a little differently; after all, each set is 16 seconds longer. I found that at around 11 reps I began to slow. How did I counter the tempo change? READ THIS: Focus on hip snap. Hip snap is the most crucial part of the exercise. When your grip, forearms, shoulders and abs are smoked, using or relying on hip snap is the only way to survive!

Swing: 24: 1x100 -- why did I do this? Because I can.
Windmill: 16K: 1/1x5 -- need to do this daily and increase volume. Need core/torso endurance.
Snatch protocol: 16: time: 36/36 15 reps x 10l/10r (300 reps)

I will finish the day with some GTG pull up stuff and other grip work.

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