Wednesday, November 7, 2007

As someone once said, "Here is the down-low."

Oh, the guy that said that is a dork! For our purposes, we will call him Francis. "His name is Francis." "His name is Francis." I mean come on, how hard is it to recall the appropriate slang and use it correctly? Perhaps when they teach ebonics, they should educate every white boy that is trying to be cool. Fo' rizzle Malibu!

So the saying should read, "here's the low-down."

I haven't posted in a few days, perhaps I am a slacker, possible. Perhaps, I want to keep all info to myself, naaa. Perhaps, I just had better things to do. Ya might ask what is better than posting a blog? Well, reading blogs is fun. Watching sports and eating wings is super fun!

Actually, I am pretty busy! I do have a real job, kinda! I do have a family which is important to me (more than this blog). I do train a few clients here and there (not as much as I would like). I do watch football and eat wings and nachos! On top of all that, I am attending grad school. How crazy, it is pretty much a full time occupation in itself. Yikes--what a time management exercise this semester is turning out to be. Ok...done with the self pitty and rambling nonsense.

I did take the weekend off, partly on purpose, partly due to weather and partly due to back fatigue. I delayed my ride on Sat due to the nor'easter we experienced here at the beach. I accidenally got into some projects on Sunday then ate wings and nachos and watched football. Go Vikes! Most importantly, I nursed a back injury sustained from running on Friday. I had a feeling and it just kept getting worse. That is ok, I know what to do now days. Rest, swings, stretch hip flexors and Zhealth.

Ride 15

Pull ups 3x15
Evil wheel 3x5

Pull up 16K 5x3
hang leg raise 5x5
TGu 2x5

Ride: 30

Another note:
My super duper training plan may have to change. I may need to prepare for a strength course with Pavel in December. So I may change some of the emphasis of the program a little to ensure I am ready. Read: add push ups and pistols.

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