Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 2 Workout B

Today I attempted the second day of workout B. I guess it was slightly easier than the first day. The smart thing to do is to move down to the 24K and work it up with the time in order to focus on form. The other option is to do the workout with the same weight and do it outside. It will take away the fear of dropping the kettlebell in my dining room and crashing down three stories on the first deck.

Pull ups: 16K 5x3
LC Clean and Jerk: 32k - 3 min. (20 reps)
Evil Wheel - 5x3

This morning's ride was much better than yesterday's. As with anything else, it is good to be consistent and not take too many days between workouts. Duh.

Ride 15mi.

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