Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you fat? America is!

I received Dave Whitley's newsletter this morning. I have to pass on some of the information to you. He writes, "Between Halloween and New Year's Day the average American will gain eight pound of fat. That means that most people have already put on nearly 2 lbs in the past couple of weeks, and the serious stuff doesn't even start until the week of Thanksgiving!"

This is par for the least with me. You have control of your destiny for the next few months. Practice the push away plan. While this is not a push up protocol, I guess you could do them instead of eating. The push away plan is simply pushing away food that you don't need. It is especially important during the next few months.

Do you get the munchies? Is it this bad?


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Bob O. said...

I know...I've never considered a chocolate glazed donut sandwich before!