Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hammer Fest

I just returned from a hammer fest on the bike. We cruised up to Ft. Story and did a few loops with the rollers and wind. This quick ride has left me pretty much DUN!

I've been doing 2 Z sessions each day. The 10 neural warm up and the R phase movements later in the day. In addition, I've continued the Z homework from Mike Nelson. In a conversation I had this afternoon with a colleague about supplement, mainly multi-vitamins we debated supplements and multi-vitamins. Here are the questions I'm left with.
  1. Do you really need a multi-vitamin or are the claims a marketing gimmick?
  2. What is really in multi-vitamin? Are the ingredients safe?
  3. Do we really get enough essential vitamins and minerals from food?
What do you think?

My colleague also mentioned that he was taking a certain multivitamin (GNC Sport) and had severe headaches from them.
  • I said, "you mean like a hang over?"
  • He replied, "exactly."
I haven't taken this particular vitamin for a few weeks as I try to switch brands every other bottle. I too get a severe headache with this vitamin. For the past few years I just thought it was the pollen in the air. WTH? So, I ask you this, have you had this experience with a vitamin (or this vitamin)? I think it is interesting and need to know if there are others that experience this.

________Other News_______

The much anticipated USMC Physical Fitness Order was disiminated today. The order explains how we will be tested for physical fitness (PFT) and for combat fitness (CFT). To summarize there are 2 different tests that will be administered semi annually. I did the math and that is 4 fitness tests per year. The order also states that ALL Marines will participate in physical training for 30 min 5 days per week. Judging from the new CFT, doing pt 5 days each week is a really good idea.

In short order I was assigned as the Combat Conditioning Instructor for my command. I have some work ahead of me. The important thing to remember when training or introducing this training to the average Marine is to take it slow and build the intensity over a few months. Even though all Marines should already have a good fitness base it is still good practice to work into it. Add volume with common sense. It does the Marine and the Marine Corps to hit it hard for 30 minutes to failure everyday. You will get overtraining and injury.

Here is a fact, the introduction and testing phase of the CFT has yeilded a 30% failure rate. Marines, Get Off the Couch and PT.

--------More to Follow--------

Last, an update about last months remedials. Both of my pull up projects are now off the remedial pt program. This morning Schmuckatelli did 3 pull ups on a PFT like he owned the bar! GO front planks!

Ride 20 mi. - Several sprints and hills.

Viking Push Press VO2 protocol 6 reps x 20 sets 15 on/15 off

Ride - 30


Unknown said...

Let's see, a lot of work in front of you? That seems pretty seamless for a Leatherneck of your stature.

I'd like to know who in the "Leadership" decided you should be directing the new program. I'd take extra care to make sure they were there and part of it - and all the other senior leaders on the MarDet Staff.

You'll be a Gunny tomorrow. Ooh-rah! Comrade.

Stay hard Devil Dog!

Bob O. said...
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