Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I tried it!

This afternoon, I was talking to a couple of my mentees. Yes, I am entrusted with the honor of mentoring young Marines. (Insert Evil laugh here) One of them picked up the 16k kettlebell and began doing 1 arm presses just as I instructed him in a 10 minute period of instruction back in June. He did a fine job. I told him to park the weight and shake it out.

I asked him and the other Marine if they wanted to try the overhead press part of the combat fitness test (CFT). This portion is a 2 minute overhead press with a 30 lb. ammo can. Well, I don't have an ammo can in the office but I do have 16k (36lb) and 24k (54lb) kettlebells sitting by my desk (You never know when you will get the itch). Well after watching them both do a couple reps...I got the itch.

I said, "Let's race. I will use the 24k and you can use the 16k. We will race to 45 reps."
It was an agreement. I raced the Lance Corporal and the Private First Class counted reps. Ready, Set go! We started going at the same pace until around 30 reps. Then things got interesting. He slowed way down and was having issues. I paused a moment to show him the resting postion. I hit 45, and the LCpl had 37ish and I called it a day. Good thing too, the kettlebell was getting slippery. We didn't time the event but I'm most certain we were at about a miunte.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to practice this event.
I will continue working towards the heavier 1 arm press, jerks, Viking push press etc.
The young Marines need to work on this event. The LCpl I raced is probably one of the strongest Marines in the student population. If he was sucking wind...It's gonna get ugly.
This was fun.

Ride 25
Clean and press - 24k 5x5
2 hand overhead press 24k - 1x45 (I used a combination of strict press, viking push press and jerks when the lactic acid was flooding my shoulders)
Jerks 1 arm 24k 3x10

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Dan said...

Forever the motivator - and always prepared. Way to keep setting the example Comrade. It isn't going to be as ugly as it could be because you are already interacting and preparing the Marines for the upcoming testing. You probably made some Marine's day with the challenge, too. Good word spreads fast and is motivating. Semper Fi!