Thursday, August 21, 2008


I've been feeling some deep muscle fatigue all week on the bike and walking up stairs. Along with this I had loss of some leg strength. I had a difficult time doing pistols yesterday. It took nearly half of my commute today for my legs to finally start feeling normal.

I eased into the ride struggling to maintain any speed and thought, well here we go again. Instead of doing super intense intervals I decided to modify the morning's training plan. I kept the gears at the same gear I was warming up with and did spins. The goal was spin the cranks as quick as possible. I topped out at 148 RPM on every spin which brought me to 28-31 mph on the Coho. I felt great after these spins and feel fully recovered. The rest of today's riding felt pretty strong.

Ride 30 - 8 spins up to 148rpm - long recovery in between

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