Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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I finished reading Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell (again). As usual, I have learned more things. This time it was more about the Right of Passage program Pavel introduces. Let me start by saying, this program works! You will build become stronger physically, develop strength endurance and imporve your ability to endure pain. HAHAHA. I know it works because I jumped on board with the program as soon as the book was shipped to my house just over 2 years ago.

I continued on the program for about 18 months. Then I became complacent, lazy and started messing around with different things. You can see that in this blog's entries. After screwing around, I have lost some of my hard earned gains. That is to be expected when the CNS has been focusing on the other end of the physical spectrum -- endurance.

I decided to revisit the ETK program again. This time with a different focus and more knowledge. How long will I stay the course? Here's what Pavel writes in ETK.

"Stay with this routine until you can one-arm press half your bodyweight and snatch a 53-pounder 200 times in 10 minutes and become a man among men...It does not matter how hard you are training...if you quit a month doen the road. And switching to another workout is quitting, period (Pavel)."
[insert Rocky music here] I will stick with it until I get where I need to be and then I will probably do it some more. Why change something that works.

Follow along and find out how long it taks to gain the strenght I had last summer.
How long will it take to reach the new RKC II standards? I can't wait!

Practice today:
3 rounds, 24k:
Get ups 3,2,1
Pull up x 5
Swing 1 arm - 10/10

Clean and press ladders 24k 1,2 3
Swing 24k 1 arm 5 x 10/10

I noticed yesterday and today that I have lost the strength endurace. I need it back so I can add intensity.

Ride 25

Ride 40

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