Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kettlebell Practice

Why practice your lifts?

Practice separates the resilient people from those that get injured every time they attempt something.
Practice leads to longevity in sport and in life.
Practice helps make you bullet proof.
Practice helps your body find its groove.
Practicing thousands of repetitions of a lift will build efficiency and strength
After thousands of reps, your joints are ready to handle heavier weight.
Practice because Pavel said! Now go practice...Carry on!

Today we worked on technique. We practiced swings, cleans, press, and snatch. These are the basics of lifting. Before we did even 1 repetition, we did some joint mobility and some Z. Practiced BW squats and did some pull ups.

Swing 24K 3x10/10, (2)24K 2x10
Clean 2 x 5
Press 24k 3x5 + (2)24k 2x5
Snatch 24K 5x10/10
Swing 24k 3x10/10

Bottoms up holds: 24k 2x30sec

same as above with 16 k. more clean reps and many many more swings!

We will do initial strength testing next week to get a base fitness level; enabling us the ability measure effectiveness down the road.

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