Wednesday, February 20, 2008

All Systems Go

Today my new training partner and a few other began training. After a brief warm-up and a quick demonstration of the exercises, we were off. Of course we will have to do some tweaking on double G's form. He is doing well for a few 5 minute lessons. Today was a trial by fire.

The common thought after the first round was, "oh yea, that is what it feels like."

Workout: -- I kept the reps low today. I want to be able to train again tomorrow. 10 reps and 30 sec rest is the end goal with this workout.

5 rounds, 1 min rest between
L/C&J 24K: x 5/5
Row: 5/5
Snatch: 5/5
Front Sqt: 5/5

Double G - same with 16K.
Adrian - 24K with 3 reps per set.

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