Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 1 No. 2

Need a little motivation? Check out Sr.RKC Kenneth Jay's blog. It has a link to the Denmark Olympic team. The first part on this video features Kenneth training wrestler Mark O. Madsen

Today was workout day 1 no. 2. It seems like form is coming back very quickly. I felt like I could snatch all day. The best part? I didn't feel back pain in the normal spot (left lumbar) at all! I decided to keep the volume low to ensure my legs are recovered from Saturday's ride. I will add 2 more sets later in the week.

warm up:
Jm, Pull ups x 10, swings

3 rounds, 1 min rest between
L/C&J 24K: x 10/10
Row: 10/10
Snatch: 10/10
Front Sqt: 5/5

Snatch 24K 2x10/10

Hanging leg raise: 3x5

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