Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Commuting - - a story

My spouse had meetings at a site close to home today. It's a mile or so from the house. She decided to she would commute. It was an adventure for her but she had a blast.

She has a wire basket mounted to the handlebars of her beach cruiser. The basket was loaded with her book bag and everything else she needed for the day. A few blocks from the site, the mount on the basket snapped and everything dumped on the street.

This is where it gets funny. There is a book club at the school where she is teaching. The book they are reading right now, was under the rear tire when she slammed on the coaster brake. This book has a hole in it where it skidded for a few feet. It's fitting and funny because she is not enjoying the book at all.

She didn't take my advice with what to wear with temps in the 30s. She wore her thin leather driving gloves and the fingers were frozen. Lesson learned.

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