Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Morrisville 300k

The ride turned out to be a suffer-fest!

We started the ride at the normal place in Morrisville, NC. It is always great to see so many friendly people that just want to have fun riding bicycles.

I dropped off the back just after Lake Jordan. Not a big deal, I knew I would. I made 2 huge mistakes that would haunt me later. First, sunscreen; second, I left a small water bottle in the back of the car. I was going to carry a small disposable bottle for emergency. I don't like to stop until the control. So I was starting to run out of water and thought water conservation was the way to go...MISTAKE; better to drink it while ya got it.

Lawn Mowers

This all led to a huge bonk on the return. I was too overheated to eat anything and everything I put in my stomach made me want to puke (heat exhaustion?). No worries, I had Endurolites and race caps. The taste of Perpetuem and gels makes me cringe. Need to figure something out.

By the time I reached the 200k control, I was dun. But I couldn't quit. I sat there for about 20min, had a Snickers and some Gatorade. What I really needed was a big sandwich. I decided that 100k is just a training ride. So at 1830 I headed to Mville. I felt ok at this point, speeds 16-17. Then just before Parker Herndon Road, another bonk...this time bad. Refuel at Andrews Store, departed at 2300.-- (WTH--4 hrs to cover 40 miles???).

I left Andrews Store beaten down and queasy -- only ~20 miles. I absolutely froze (sun burn) on the downhill to the lake. I put on my vest and arm warmers - problem cured. Then the fun began...I kept falling asleep on the bike; weaving into the left lane and back to the right. I probably looked very funny. Eventually, Gary and Sara caught me they were 2 hours behind me. I rode the last 8 miles with them, no issues. It is amazing how a little company can change the outlook. No wonder Tom Hanks had Wilson the volleyball as a companion.

We finished at 0111; still had a few hrs to spare. The ride was just a series of lessons on how to man-up. I have actually felt worse before but, only a couple times. It is valuable training for future events especially when I decide to venture into a 1000K+ one of these days.

Lessons learned:
  • Sun screen saves you from skin cancer or potentially being charged via the UCMJ with Destruction of Government Property. It also keeps your body temperature lower.

  • FOOD before the ride; food during the ride.
  • Water is good too, but I checked my weight and was right at the 3% weight loss for the day. According to Hammer Nutrition Athlete Education series, more than 3% weight loss is not a good thing.
  • Caffeine is essential at night; I'm addicted to the drug. I have some coffee brewing right now!
The best news note:
  • My back did not hurt during the ride or after the ride. This is the best news of all. Could the Z be paying off? We'll see.

Ride Time: 18:11 (this is total time)

Me at finish. Photo Couresty of Gary and Sara...Thanks.

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