Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the muck

COHO Randonneuse at the the rain.
Maybe I'll install the front mud flap. It is just collecting dust on my desk.

Surfers in the rain...Gonna get wet anyway!

Another surfer.

The boardwalk and hotels.

I planned a 45 mile ride today and I felt great riding. I considered just doing laps at the boardwalk. I could have spend 3 hours going in circles. It would have been fun and kept me very close to home; just in case I got bored or a mechanical. Other than a few cops, some surfers and myself, I only saw a half dozen people. FANTASTIC!

Instead I left the boardwalk and headed south. About 6 miles later I noticed I was bouncing -- FLAT. I was about to change the tube when I noticed the stem was not closed so I pumped it and rode on.

6 miles later -- bouncing - FLAT. This time I pulled into a parking lot and changed the tube and off I go. This helped me make a decision to turn and stay closer to home. All systems go!

6 miles later -- WTH? - FLAT. I didn't have another tube and I didn't want to sit in the rain messing with patches. I tried pumping the tube again and hoped it would hold long enough for me to get home or to one of the LBS.

6 miles later -- guess - nearly FLAT. I pumped again and rode home. 20 min after arriving home, the tire was flat.

So now I have to figure out what happened. A pinch? A bur or something else bad?

Ride 35 miles.

Pull up 3x12

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