Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Easterly Low

My plans for a long..ish ride are once again foiled by the easterly low pressure system sitting off the Atlantic coast. The system is bringing high wind, rain, coastal flooding during high tide and it is chilly. While I could suck it up and ride, it would suck. I'm saving my tolerance of suck for events that I choose to do for fun. Not just because I have to get a few hours of ride in.

You ask, what will that attitude get you? Me too!

I do know I won't become a better cyclist by sitting inside and riding the trainer here and there. This is an obvious fact! I am content to watch TV and let the pros ride in the suck. They get paid some serious bank to do it. If you want to pay me to ride, I will gladly suit up right now and do it rain, shine, snow or high winds; no questions asked. Until someone is willing to do this, I'll just sit here and get in some good cross training.

Not riding isn't all that bad, it is giving me the opportunity to focus on some other training goals without worrying about recovery. Heck, I need to kick up the intensity a couple notches before I worry about that. Funny thing is I seem to be doing more with less right now. I think it means I have a good base.

Here's the breakdown of upcoming events I'm working toward. Hopefully my training will reflect these events. Each of these event is challenging in a different way. Training will be similar for the next 3 months. I need to focus on long intervals on the bike and kick up the snatch volume each week.

End of April -- 300k (NC) with a 400K (ROMA) the following weekend.
Three weeks later, USMC PFT -- last one of the old style. CFT is on the way.
Begining of June, MS 150 (training) -- the following weekend, 600K
Last weekend in June is the RKC II

Weight Control
Other than actually training (which would be a good idea), the other thing I am concentrating is dropping a couple pounds. I don't want to get rapped around specifics right now and I don't have a goal for my weight. I guess this might make it tougher to do. There are three factors here:

Where I have to be -
Regulations stipulate wt and BF. I'm within standards. I guess I'm right where I need to be.

Where I want to be -
To be faster and function more efficiently, I need to drop 10 - 15 lbs. All that wattage output stuff is dependent on moving mass. Remember these equations:
f=ma -- W=fd and P=W/t. Translation: with my strength constant, and my weight (mass) lowering, I will do less work to move the same speed I do now or the work I do now will move me further in less time.

Willingness to get there -
This is the hard part. We all want something but not always bad enough to sacrifice something. In this case it means giving up all the good stuff, cake, ice cream, soda...a better way to put it - give up sugar and combinations of certain foods. Grain and sugar. Starch, fat and sugar. Nuts and grain. Carbs and alcohol. It is all about making good decisions.

Practice today:
Swing 24k 1x100 (hand switch at 50)
Pull up - 2x10
windmill - 5x5
Felt sick here so I stopped. Plan called for front squats 48k and snatch. Then some intervals on the trainer.

After dinner - 5x10 roll outs. (knees)
extended plank - 3x10 sec. - (toes)

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