Monday, December 31, 2007


Today I began to ease myself back into the kettlebells. I've taken about a week and a half off from lifting for a rest before beginning the next 6 months of training. I've learned that it really sucks to just jump in with both feet after a lay off. I began with some joint mobility and focused on some problem areas, back and hips. Then I warmed up with some body weight exercises which I will describe in a later post. Then I began working the core area of the body.

The windmill is an excellent exercise for the working the core and the shoulders. You can see from the video what to do. Let me give you some pointers: turn both feet in the direction you are going to bend or fold your body; you may bend your forward leg; keep you rear leg and butt locked tight; breath in before you bend and out on the way up; you can achieve a deeper stretch by flexing your hamstring on the locked leg.

Pull up: 5x10
Windmill: 16K 5x5, 24k:3x5
Turkish Get Up: 16K 5x5, 24k 3x5
Swing: 24K 2min.

It is highly recommend that you seek out an RKC trainer before you attempt this exercise.

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