Thursday, December 13, 2007

Training Day

My fitness level is pretty good in my opinion. One of my training mantras is to simply become bullet proof. This means I can just go do stuff. Run 5K, Ride 130+ miles, rock climb, swim, hike or just play with my daughter. There is nothing worse than reaching to pick an infant only to have your back give out. Well, I think I have succeeded in this.

I can get better though. My training for the past 6 months has lacked focus. Even when I tried to focus earlier this fall, it was still the minimum. This was still effective! Now it is time to take this fitness base and build. I have upcoming events that require focus in training. The culmination of the first half of the year is the RKC II certification which is only 3 weeks after a 600K ride.

I went back to intensity today. I would have to go back months to find intensity in training. Today I combined 2 workouts that I have been using for sustainment. The result? Good training.

Swing: 24K 1x50
Windmill: 16k - 5x5
L/C Clean and Jerk (1arm): 24K 10 min alt. 5r/5l - 120 reps
2 min rest
VO2 Max Snatch: 16K: 36 on: 36 off 15 reps per set: 10l,10r 300total

Snatches started a little rough. I felt my back acting up for the first 5 sets and considered calling it a day. On the 6th set, I must have finally gotten warmed up. The pain disappeared and my power in the left side returned.

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