Saturday, December 22, 2007

What else can I do?

I get asked the question, " What else can I do?" It is usually in reference to training, especially but not limited to kettlebell training. If you think about it, there are hundreds or even thousands of options and variety when it comes to training. Most of us would be best suited to pick 3 or 4 exercises that focus on several areas of the body at the same time. Really keep it simple.

The doctor in The Cannon Ball Run only relied on two "medical tools" for his practice.

Most people don't stick with anything more than 3 weeks. Their impatience leads them to expect miracles to occur. When they don't, they move on or quit. These short periods don't lend enough time to practice correct technique. Mastering form and technique results in consistent gains without risking injury.

Last winter we trained in the gym for a few months. My training partners kept laughing at the looks I gave the misguided and misinformed people. I didn't correct these people out of courtesy. One example of this is the kid in caveman mode. This Sailor probably lifted in high school football or something and he knew everything. Also of note, he was obviously hadn't done any training since his last game in high school. Beer belly and pushing 200 pounds.

This lumox had to show his buddies how to properly squat. They warmed up with 135#, not even close to parallel. He proceeded to add weight until he had close to 300#. This is where we all stopped to gasp at his stupidity. Caveman got under the bar. His buddies were on either side of the barbell spotting him. He stepped back and squatted about 4 inches and back up. "That's how it is done," he said with a high five!

About this time I busted out in laughter! When my belly quit hurting and the Sailors were done racking the weights, I approached our barbell, and completed my deadlift 10th set of 5 reps with a meager 225. My focus was to just get better and more efficient pulling the weight. Certainly I could have popped 300 on the bar, but why? The 3 Sailors watched us in silence as we completed the workout. They didn't say anything but they wanted to.

What else can you do?
Master a few lifts. Stick to them for 6 months or 6 years; the longer the more benefit. The lifters setting new PRs don't just work on something for 3 or 4 weeks. They work and practice consistently for years. The results are worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears.

My plan for the next 6 months is to stick to the basic kettlebell lifts and keep it simple. Here is the basis: Day 1: snatch, clean and jerk, pull up. Day 2: front squat or tgu, and military press, pull up. That is all. I will add some assistance exercises at times to help the effectiveness of these lifts. Also, In March or April, I will replace squats with pistols.

Your plan?
I recommend one of the following: Power to the People (PTTP), RKC program minimum and moving to the RKC right of passage. All three of these are excellent and will change your body and fitness level to that of an ELITE WARRIOR.

What else can you do?
Forget about everything else. Avoid the latest fad workout or routine someone else is doing. Remain consistent!

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25 miles

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