Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Week of Testing

The past week has been spent doing some light training and some testing. I've been steadily adding volume to the snatch. I did 2 different physical tests in the past 5 days.

Saturday I did a physical assessment the measured BF, HR stress test, strength (push up and situp) and flexibility. It turns out I am very fit. I should work on flexibility and lowering BF. I could have diagnosed those results without the testing. At least I have a baseline.

This morning was the semi-annual physical fitness test. I am pleased to say I improved again. It was even more pleasing because my GPP has not been tailored to the test at all.

I look back at the test from 1 year ago and while I dropped 2 pull ups, I ran more than 3 minutes faster and +2 min faster from the December test.
Run: 24:08
Crunch: 100
Pull up: 15
Score: 238

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