Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I haven't done many snatches with the 24k in quite a while. It was absolutely necessary to test myself to see where I am and determine my exact preparation for the RKC II. I performed a snatch test this morning.

A summary of the rules for the RKC snatch test:
  • Resting position is in the up position, overhead.
  • Only 1 hand change is allowed.
  • My weight class determines that I must perform at least 64 reps to successfully pass the test.
Before the test, I did Z neural warm up.

Test: I performed 30 reps with the left and 30 reps with the right; total = 60

I have 64 in my grasp but chose to keep some in the tank. I admit some fatigue in grip and need some tricep endurance.

Based on this benchmark, I will use some assistance exercises to build endurance. Overhead holds and farmers walks are on the menu.

Snatch - see above

Ride - 20

Overhead hold - 32k - 30 seconds l then r.
pull up - 2x10

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