Friday, June 6, 2008


Yesterday was a planned rest from the kettlebell mainly for my hands to recover a bit.

Of course I did some riding. The morning had a little treat for the Coho and me. The hilltopers were on their Thrusday morning training ride and they caught me at a stop light. I decided to hop in the group and see what happened; of course I was eventually dropped. The good news is that I hung with them for about 6 miles before I waived the people riding behind me on up. I was really happy with my performance on the ride.

I need to make it a point to ride with these guys for the first part of my Tue and Thurs ride. It will pay off!

Today started with another ride on the other bike. The speed is still there. I am feeling fast. Surely it is all an illusion; I can't be riding this well. I haven't ridden this well this year. Too bad I wasn't feeling like this a month ago. Of course, I did change some training on the bike a few weeks back. Looks like it is starting to do the magic.

Ride 35
Pull up 2x12

Swing 24k x 100
Ride 25

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