Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friday Ramble

The Coho Randonneuse is down awaiting new tires. I had been running Grand Bois 700x30. They are a fantastic ride, fast and comfortable. It is like riding on a nimble beach cruiser. The problem is riding in the urban areas of Virginia Beach. There is broken glass at most intersections and I my rear tire has been flatted 5 times over the past month. This is too much. I have repaired the tire, put a boot in one section and rode several hundred miles. Fortunately all of the flats have been right before or a few days after a brevet.

The Gran Bois cost benefit is not good. The smooth ride is not worth the worry and hassle of the tires durability. Perhaps they are better suited for utopia, a land with out thorns, glass or nails covering the roads.

I headed to the Pungo area of Virginia Beach for a ramble through the country. As usual, I took a few wrong turns and was lost. At one point the road ended at a dock. I could have ridden into Back Bay. Good think I didn’t, the water temperature is too cold.

I reached the Creeds Store for a water stop and they were giving away free hotdogs! I was hungry and it was a welcome treat.

Riding the Motobeceane isn’t the best ride but the bike is light, handles well and it is reliable. The downfall is the saddle. I need to explore another option for this bike’s saddle. Truthfully I am thankful just to have the option of riding a back up bike even if it isn’t perfect.

Ride: 55 miles – 3 hrs.

ride: 30

ride: 30

Other daily training:
Daily Z Neural Warmup
Pull ups
16k kettlebell exrercises...snatch, swing, get ups

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