Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Semper Gumby

Today I had a plan; it included a 40 mile ride and some vo2 lifting. Things changed before I even got out of the rack. Caroline was sick and my day was spent with her. I formed an alternate plan but it didn't work out either. The third plan became a charm. This unending flexibility and rolling with the punches is what we call 'semper gumby' (always flexible). This is an important trait in many ways. One way is it helps when you need to fit in some sort of a workout when there really is no time.

My tertiary plan called for squats, pressing and pullups. After the third set of everything, I realized I haven't really done any strength training in a few weeks. I'm sure I'll pay!

I have to make note of a couple things. 1. Began Z neural warm up. I think I was pretty much doing this anyway but it is now official. 2. I've been working on some corrective movements for my ankles. The purpose is provide me with appropriate flexibility in this area. It will help me do pistol without counter weight. Today I tested myself and I think I will have it in the next week or two.

I thought about people throwing huge weights around. Often a lifter will sacrifice form and function just to get more weight or size. I think this defeats the purpose of training. I have worked for 2 1/2 years on making my body stronger and more flexible. Most important, I have worked on making everything work and move the way it is intended.

The results of this hard work are many. I can sum it up like this; 'improved general purpose fitness.' What the heck does that mean? I do really cool things faster and more efficiently. I recover faster. Most often I can do things without near crippling back pain. I can touch my toes and more importantly put on my skivvies and socks.

As I move closer to fixing all the physical problems resulting from years of abuse, I realize I have further to go. I keep raising the bar and getting closer to distant goals. Some of these are still a few years away. In the mean time, each little milestone, a pistol, an extra inch of flexibility, no pain after a workout, pressing the 88 for reps or riding stupid long distances all are awesome achievement in my little portion of the "COURAGE CORNER."

What is cool in yours?

Z n-wu
front squat 48k: 5x5 (I'm gonna feel this -- working back to 10 sets over the next week)
See-saw press 24k: 5x5/5 + pull up x 5 (I'll keep this for a few weeks as well)
elbows to knees: 5x5

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