Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to train for 2010

This is the first week of training for next year's events and goals. The future is now. Over the past few weeks I've been working out goals, key events, and a loose training plan that will help make it all a reality.

Like I said, it's a loose plan. I don't think a super-rigid plan is the way to go because I won't follow it for more than a week. I think flexibility and consistency are both key to a plan. So, what I've come up with is more of a framework. Within the frame work, there are key workouts that need to be completed.

****Dang the Bronco's socks are ummm, sexy. lol****

There are some components to the plan that need to be completed every day even when I don't plan to train. This includes Z Health, joint mobility and/or the FMS drills. These create better movement and take away pain. Each week I have certain workouts that are absolutely necessary for progression and some optional workouts that are important but a lower priority.

Let's face it, training/practice isn't a job, it's just a lifestyle. There are a couple things that are more important. If I feel like playing with my kiddo, I'll do that. (I'm still distracted by those socks.) I'm also hitting the school thing so several hours are designated for this.

I'm in the base period on the bike and will build to some stupid long rides in late December/early January. The weather could make things a little miserable. I plan to keep doing a couple runs weekly to keep improving my form/efficiency.

Kettlebell - next few weeks - a combo of Viking Warrior conditioning, some double kb complexes and some pressing ladders. The main goal is to shed some fat and get the strength ready for the spring.

Today's practice:
I set out today to take it easy or ease into the VWC protocol. That went out the window when I was setting the timer up. I did double what my plan called for now I have to adjust the entire next 3-4 weeks. Remember flexibility?

On the way home from work, we had to stop at the grocery store for some supplies. I went ahead and ran home from the store. It is about a mile. The goal was to keep good form and tempo. I actually beat my wife home. Not a long distance but the goal is to PRACTICE the form to improve efficiency. I'm still having to think about the form too much.

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