Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Scoop from Great Minds

Here's today's blogroll scoop:

Senior RKC, Sara Cheatham has a great post about kettlebells for combat readiness. This is pretty much what I've been telling people for a few years. Of course, Sara backs it up with case studies. There you have it.

Here's something interesting from Mike T Nelson. It is a study of neural science and fat loss.

Sandy Sommer writes about cycling your workouts. This is important, you can't go hard all the time. Delaine Ross wrote an article for Dragon Door about a similar subject.

Last, I thought I would share a new blog I ran across last week. I think I've read nearly every post. George has finished my favorite bike race, the Furnace Creek 508, 4 times and has done it on a fixie. Oh, and he was a HAT. George you da man!

Today I had a co-worker asked me about kettlebells. He started attending a class at the rec center and the instructor is clueless. I asked him to show me his swing and holy cow; it's no wonder he is having serious lower back pain. If your lower back hurts from doing something, you are doing it wrong. Get help from someone that is certified in that activity. I am aware of this person in the Virginia Beach area, she has no idea what she is doing but she insists on teaching kettlebells. She even had the audacity to attend a free class at Karen's studio and tell Karen she was doing it wrong.

Now, let me tell you what really pisses me off about this. I don't try to make much cash by teaching kettlebell stuff. My MO is simply to break even so I can attend more training and become a better, more educated trainer. The fact is I refer most everyone to Karen Smith, RKCII. I do offer FREE instruction often for a few reasons. 1) if you are going to do this stuff, you need to do it correct. 2) Maybe you refer someone to me. No worries. So when I offer free training and someone says no, they can learn it on their own than my kindness ends. Figure it out on your own, I have better things to do anyway!

ZNWU, movement drills
Ride: 30 miles - Zone 1,2
Clean and press: 5x5

(planned a complex but ended up correcting the above person and ran out of time for my own workout) C'est la vie.

Until Next time!


Blake and Hollie said...

I agree with you! Must add one thing (which I am sure you have posted before). Quality KBs. I just PCSed back into the area. All my Dragon Door KB were in GREAT shape the other brands....well they made their way to the dump. They didn't survive the move.

Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for the shout out Bob! Much appreciated!

Keep up the great work you are doing there!!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
Extreme Human Performance

Bob O. said...

Welcome back to the area. Good point about quality. Drop me a line if you want to work out. Fun times!

Mike--thanks...I Phase arrived yesterday! Surprising to see how much of it I already do...Must be all the kick axe Z people I've hung out with over the past yrs. Oh and the kick butt almost PhD master Z trainer!!!