Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fatigue is the Enemy

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to learn the 5 phases of squat mastery from the legendary Marty Gallagher. I went in to sponge mode and learned. Did lots of squats too. Nothing heavy though, it is all about form.

Yesterday, I got busy with the Mr. Mom duties and just wasted away.

Today, back to business.

Most of my workouts consist of preparatory work. This includes joint mobility, perhaps some Z health, some corrective exercises personalized for MY issues (yours may be different but probably similar) and then some work (exercises) that prepare the groove. All of this before the work begins. I did the JM, Z, and started the corrective issues. If I wasn't so damn Fat, I would be able to get into the freaking bretzel a little easier. Hell, I would be able to do EVERYTHING without difficulty. SH*7 I need to drop lbs...fast.

All of the prep work lasted about 30 minutes. Then it was time for the real work. I did snatches.
The first minute was horrible, then I settled into a groove. When my form started failing due to fatigue, I parked the bell and called it a night.

Fatigue is the enemy of progress. Going on after fatigue destroys form is NOT acceptable towards the overall good. Remember it is not about today's workout. It is the ability to repeat it for months or years to come.

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