Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Techinque is everything (press part 1)

You can fake it until you make it and you will have results. It doesn't matter the skill, playing an instrument, running, riding bicycle or weight training. I can go on with the list but think about this...

Have you ever played tennis? Or, gone to the court to hit balls? It soon becomes evident that there is a huge amount of technique required to keep the ball in the court. When I say court, I mean the court, specifically inside the fence. Go ahead, admit it, you have hit the ball over the fence. Skill is everything.

I spent some of my juvenile life and ALL of my adult life learning and practicing a musical instrument. Every minute of practice is spent working on achieving the perfect tone, timing, timbre and coordinating it all at the same time. I still haven't achieved this but they pay me to play so I practice. I practice to develop skills and to prevent and repair bad habits.

The same attention to detail is required for strength training. It is better called strength practice after all, strength is a learned skill. Through practice you will achieve efficiency thus speed and strength.

This is the start of a technique series that is guaranteed to improve your strength.

Military Press

Here is a question for you. Do your biceps get tired when you press? They should!

Part 1: pull with your lats.

Begin the press by flexing the lat while moving the weight up. The lat provides support and stability to your shoulder. It also creates strength in the bottom of the lift.

Ok, bicep already...Once you reach the apex of your lift, pull the weight down with your lats. In the military press, pulling the weight down is the same as doing a pull up. When the weight reaches the bottom position, the lat is already loaded and ready for the next press.

Practice this technique until you master. You will improve strength in press and pull ups. Call it time management.

Next time we will discuss how grip assists your press.
bottom up press 10x1, mil press 6x5 (coc grip in opposite hand) Pistol 5x1, oh swing 100

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