Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amendment to Plan

My December plan is spurred by a conversation with another RKC last week. How did I get strength PR, what did I do? After I "mined" my log book, I noticed that I did two during the spring that I haven't done this fall. 1. Turkish Get Up (TGU) and 2. Jerks.

Both the jerk and TGU have value to most athletes. The jerk is a full body power explosive exercise. The TGU is a full body grind that allows the body to build stability and link the upper body and lower body together into one unit. TGU is also valuable for rehab; either as a whole exercise or broken down into smaller movements. Of course, this is only a summary of the benefits of these exercises.

In the previous post I mentioned a plan outline. Based on results from the spring, I hypothesize performing TGU and Jerk will lead to PR in military press (MP). During the next 4-6 weeks, I need to continue some MP each week as maintenance. At the same time I need to perform both light TGU to groove the movement and heavy TGU to build stability under load. It's been suggested by Pavel and others that working TGU 1 kettbell higher than weight you are working towards.

Rough Outline for December
3 or 4 days/week - easy
a) Practice a set of core RKC lifts as part of warm up. TGU is base of this.
b) Pull up
c) Snatch
d) Jerk
e) Bike / Run

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