Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Press Technique Part 2 -- Grip

In the gym you see all sorts of crazy things. Even something like pressing is often messed up. Pay attention tomorrow and you will notice open palms while pressing, loose bodies in every single lift and many other bad habits. I admit it, I've done them too.

What does grip have to do with pressing an object?

A strong grip is a strong body. I'll break the law of iradiation into slang. It basically says that when you clench really tight the tension will move up your forearm to your biceps and triceps to your shoulder, chest and lats.

Go ahead, try it. DO IT NOW...MOVE. Try to cinch your grip without having any flex in your biceps and shoulders. It is difficult and there is still a little tension with zero effort. Use this law to your advantage. When you press or even pull, grip with a white knuckle grip. You will find you are stronger.

I delayed this post for a few weeks as I was practicing the following skills and improving my strength. Dude...I pressed more weight with more volume than I have in months.

Practice pressing with the white knuckle grip and using the pull down technique in Part 1. Add the following: squeeze your free hand while pressing and double the tension and irradiation. You can squeeze your hand, a racket ball or even a gripper. I was using my Capt of Crunch T gripper but a cheap one will be more than adequate.

Remember strength is a skill. Practice it perfectly while fresh and use only a few reps.

Next post will describe tension.


Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

Great post on grip. It is one of my weaker links and I was work that skill I get stronger. It's more fun working to our strengths but not nearly as rewarding in the long run.

Bob O. said...

THX Sandy. As soon as I hit post, I thought of a million things about grip. Another post I reckon.

If you always work on your strengths, you will always be weak.

Of course if you are weak everywhere like me than you have nothing to loose. LOL.

Semperk said...

Thanks for the post on grip! I have been having some issues and just reading your post helped me alot.